Polish manufactured with Scandinavian tradition.

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Arctic Blue, high class RIB produced in Nordic Ocean Craft shipyard, highly valued in the Scandinavian marketplace and also in many other European markets. Our boats have been uniquely designed in order to meet the highest requirements of Scandinavian customers. Arctic Blue stands for premium quality and the very best of performance. Designed in 2002 by one of the most noteworthy Norwegian constructor, Geir Arnestad, whose projects of hull have been included in boats that have won offshore racing competitions all over the world. Furthermore, Arctic Blue boats have been featured in the most prestigious boat magazines across Europe.

Our offer of 8 different models in various sizes meets perfectly the needs of each and every customer. Combining our distinctive gradual hull design, which guarantees incredible stability and the attention to detail that our specialists are famed for, our boats have received praise both from our customers and the boating press alike. Our aim is simple- satisfaction.

Why Arctic Blue?

Arctic Blue RIB are produced only in conjunction with the individual, their needs are of paramount importance to us, and this is what drives our exacting specialists here at Nordic Ocean Craft.

We are well recognized as high quality boat manufacturer thanks to many years of branch experience and European Union based production. Our product advantages are:

  • own production – every unit is manufactured from scratch in our shipyard in one of 7 departments (laminate, cutting, cleaning, montage, stainless steel, carpentry, upholstery). Our craftsman make sure that each of our boat is one of uniqueness and quality,
  • the most exceptional nautical characteristics due to our distinctive gradual hull design, created and built according to the very highest of Norwegian standards,
  • speed and dynamics – it is what our RIBs are famed for,
  • incredible stability – our boats are made for every weather condition, even in rough seas our RIBs are stable and safe,
  • the very best of performance – each and every boat are created to give the maximum satisfaction.