Production process

Our boats are laminated one of the oldest methods of production of composite materials. It is very simple, but at the same time very precise method, which involves successive, manual applying the laminate at each of the layers. This process, as well as everything else, starts from preparing the molds, which consist of the earlier cleaning, sealer and release agent applying. Then, our employees manually, using a brush or spray materials, bring gelcoat on the mold surface. Depending on the purpose of recreation unit, an appropriate amount of resin, mat, glass fabric, etc. shall be applied. Additionally, the hull is strengthen of bottom longitudinal, polyurethane foams and plywood. Any location where the fibers have been stripped from the resin sheath and are exposed directly to water or moisture are protected by catalyzed resin system painting. The next step is separating the laminate from the mold, cleaning and polishing. Any allowances, which are the remains after lamination, are removed. At this stage, workers assemble components, i.e. the tanks, plumbing, electrical installation, etc. After the initial installation hull and deck connection takes place. When the product is ready, another, smaller components are matched to him. Our shipyard alone produces all steel components for our boat. For production we use mainly stainless steel, which is characterized by high resistance to corrosion. Another of the production departments in our yard is a carpentry. The most frequently used floor materials are teak wood, which due to the high natural content of oily substances and silicic acid does not absorb water and is resistant to chemical and biological agents. All upholstery of our boats are made in the upholstery department with materials of the highest quality. Each customer can individually adapt the upholstery colors to his liking. Thanks to our own production we make sure that each of our boat is unique and unrepeatable, and that all components are perfectly matched and securely assembled.